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Vacation Rental Tip: Check The Track Record

Rapidly becoming the preferred lodging option for a variety of leisure and business travelers, many still aren’t comfortable renting vacation homes as opposed to traditional hotels.  While vacation homes are typically larger and more cost effective than traditional hotel lodging, they may also come with surprises for the inexperienced.

Tip Of The Day:  Rent your vacation residence through an organization with a proven track record.

Often, we work with guests who have had bad vacation rental experiences in the past.  Nearly all of these negative experiences are a result of working with either individual homeowners or unstable rental companies.  It is important to ask yourself the following five questions before booking a vacation rental:

1. How do I know that what I see online is what I will really get?
2. Where do I go to check in, and how do I know I will be able to access my vacation rental regardless of when I check in?
3. Who will I contact should something in the vacation home break?
4. Is there anyone that can help me arrange the details of my trip, including lift tickets, equipment rentals, restaurant reservations, etc.
5. What other amenities/services can I receive as a result of booking this vacation home?

Beaver Creek Mountain Lodging by East West has been in business for nearly 30 years, and we can assure our guests that they will never have to worry about any of the five questions above.  There are certainly other property managers that can be trusted, but it is important to always do your research to make sure you know who you are working with.

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