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Sustainable Practices

East West Destination Hospitality celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2016 by being named Colorado’s “Best Property Management Company” by Colorado BIZ Magazine. Beaver Creek Mountain Lodging by East West Destination Hospitality (EWDH) places a great amount of concern on the importance of ecological values. With many sustainable operations in place, EWDH recently focused its efforts on a $20 million renovation on two of our managed properties, Vail Spa Condominiums and Highlands Slopeside, to continue to progress our sustainable objectives.  An Actively Green certified business on seven of our lodging properties, EWDH partners with Sustainable Travel International to achieve and now continue this effort. EWDH will continue to do everything we can to pave the way for greener hospitality while offering our guests the perfect vacation getaway.

Environmental Policy Statement

Beaver Creek Mountain Lodging by East West (BCML) is an association, rental and property management company. We represent over 30 Condominium Associations within Beaver Creek, Bachelor Gulch, Avon and Vail, Colorado and manage and rent over 1,000 properties ranging from studios to 7 bedroom single family custom homes.

Beaver Creek Mountain Lodging is committed to being a leader through reducing environmental impacts by engaging our associations, owners, guests, employees and community through the use of responsible products and sustainable practices.

At Beaver Creek Mountain Lodging, we feel privileged to work and live in this beautiful Colorado mountain paradise and are dedicated to preserving it for generations to come. Our desire to preserve and protect our natural surroundings helps create a better environment for all who live and visit here. Through our leadership, we hope to inspire others to mirror our practices as it makes sense environmentally, socially as well as financially.

Community Commitments

BCML recognizes that high quality employees need strong and sustainable resort communities with good schools, excellent medical care and protected natural environments. In other words, our success as a company depends on each of these relationships. At BCML we feel that giving back to our community creates a better and more meaningful environment for our employees, owners and guests. We contribute to a variety of non-profit organizations that demonstrate positive impacts on our community. We also encourage our employees to donate their time to community non-profits by giving them a paid day off to participate in a service capacity. Each resort location has a committee charged with setting annual goals and demonstrating the positive impacts on their community. At the end of this page, you will find a list of some of the organizations we proudly support.

Awards, Certifications, & General Recognition

State of Colorado Environmental Recognition – 2017 Gold Leader Recognition

  • East West Destination Hospitality, Eagle Point, Falcon Point, Poste Montane, The Wren and Vail Spa
  • The Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) is a statewide environmental recognition and reward program administered by the State of Colorado for companies that voluntarily go beyond compliance with state and federal regulations and are committed to continual environmental improvement

Click here for more information on the Colorado Environmental Leadership Program

Actively Green Sustainable Business Certification

  • Partnership between the globally recognized nonprofit Sustainable Travel International, Vail Valley Foundation, Town of Vail and the Walking Mountains Science Center to educate and certify businesses in the community on a set of internationally-recognized sustainability best practices and criteria.
  • The Ascent, Eagle Point, Eye Pieces, Falcon Point, Highlands Lodge, Poste Montane Lodge, Vail Spa and The Wren have all been certified
  • Find more information by clicking here.

Colorado Hotel Lodging Association “Good Earth Keeping Award”

  • Awarded to The Wren at the Annual Stars of the Industry Awards Banquet at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs.
  • The Wren offers reusable shopping bags (made from recycled material) and has a Vegetable/Herb Garden available to owners, guests and employees.

Trip Advisor Green Leader Program

The TripAdvisor GreenLeaders program considers a property’s holistic approach go green practices and ranks them based on four levels of participate – Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum.  A comprehensive list of eco-friendly practices are evaluated and the more green practices a hotel has in place, the higher its TripAdvisor GreenLeaders level.

  • Falcon Point | Silver Property
  • The Wren | Gold Property
  • Vail Spa | Gold Property

Click here for more information

Property-level Initiatives

Waste / Recycling Management

• Bulk recycling contract throughout all managed buildings
• Easy-to-use single-stream recycling bins in each of our units resulting in lower trash costs
• Eagle County Recycle Center Account – for all our old paints and stains

General Energy Conservation Efforts

• Energy audits have been completed in 77% (10) of our 13 high-rise, lodge-type buildings that have shared infrastructure in terms of shared head, water and common area electricity.
• Established shared Baseline Data from January 2011 and centralized monthly tracking of our managed property’s utilities including electricity, heat and water.

Electrical Conservation Efforts

• Energy-efficient LED and Compact fluorescent (CFL) lighting upgrades throughout most common areas including garages, stairwells, and lobbies in most of our properties.
• Motion-sensor lighting in storage rooms and housekeeping closets.
• Energy-efficient light bulbs.
• Installation of smart-strips in all guest room entertainment systems at the Poste Montane Lodge.
• Installation of efficient baseboard heaters at The Wren.
• Installing LED exterior tree holiday lights throughout the Beaver Creek Highlands properties.

Heating Conservation Efforts

• Temperature controls in all common areas and garages throughout the Beaver Creek Highlands properties.
• Installation of weather stripping, air sealing and insulation upgrades to all water pipes throughout the Beaver Creek Highlands properties.
• Installation of programmable thermostats in all common areas throughout the Beaver Creek Highlands properties
• Upgraded five of their ten furnaces to high efficiency models at Oxford Court.
• Upgraded to energy efficient heat exchangers at the Poste Montane Lodge.
• Removed the original eight boiler/250 gallon hot water system and two – 400 gallon storage tanks and replaced it with two high efficiency boilers so that now all water is supplied on demand and there is no longer any water storage at Highlands Westview.
• Removed the original 850 gallon hot water heater system and replaced with three high efficiency boilers so that now all water is supplied on demand and there is no longer any water storage at Highlands Slopeside.
• Installed new timers on gas fireplaces throughout all units at The Wren.
• Transitioned our rental towels to Monarch/Cypress Eco Towels which take 10-20% less drying time at our Beaver Creek properties.
• Encouraged owners to install programmable thermostats in their individual homes.
• Boiler Systems, temperatures, pressure, testing, etc. inspected to ensure running at highest efficiencies possible.
• Encourage use of energy efficient appliances in units (EPA Energy Star).
• Installation of variable speed pumps projected savings of up to 90% on pump related utility costs by adjusting to use the least amount of electricity possible for the filtering and circulation systems for pools and hot tubs at the Highlands.

Water Conservation Efforts

• Tracking of waste and recycling to determine diversion rates of how much overall waste is diverted from local landfills.
• Toilet dye testing to detect water leaks.
• Encourage re-use of towels – saves considerable energy, water and detergent use.
• Irrigation water sensors prevent sprinklers from coming on during periods of rain.
• Diligently monitoring consumption in order to identify leaks.
• Transitioned our rental towels to Monarch/Cypress Eco Towels which save up to 30% in water consumption using less detergent at our Beaver Creek properties.
• Water stations for guest vs. bottled water through water filtration systems.
• Low-flow faucet aerators and showerheads.

Procurement Efforts

• Environmentally friendly bath amenities at most properties
• Pens made from 80% recycled materials from plastic water bottles
• Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) carpet and paint
• Recycled paper and recyclable paper products
• Email Confirmations and communication
• Recycle Toner Cartridges, cellphones, etc.
• Energy Smart printers, copiers, fax machines
• Hybrid company vehicles

Housekeeping Efforts

Partner with Clean The World Non-Profit Foundation

• Collect and recycle discarded soap and shampoo then donate to impoverished people throughout the world preventing millions of deaths that are caused by hygiene-related illnesses.
• In 2014 our Assistant Director of Housekeeping, Heather Hay, participated in Clean The World’s trip to Guatemala where they distributed over 128,000 bars of soap to Children’s International Center and 3,600 families.

• Many housekeeping products are citric acid based and free of dye, fragrance, and toxic chemicals.
• Linens and towels are washed with environmentally friendly products through Eco-Lab.
• Environmentally friendly bath amenities at most properties.
• Natural Dry-Cleaning Processes
• Do not use the traditional perchloroethylene solvent, which is a petroleum-based solvent.
• Use of pure liquid silicone which is a safe natural by-product of sand that doesn’t chemically interact with fabric, is safe for workers and customers, is non-toxic and is not harmful to the soil.
• No hazardous waste, air pollutants or harmful vapors.

Monarch Eco Green Earth Towels at most of our properties

• Made from Extra-Long Staple (ELS) Cotton, known for contributing to sustainable consumption of cotton.
• 160% bulkier and more absorbent than traditional cotton towels.
• Cost significantly less to launder: Use 25% less heat and drying time to save energy and money. (Results of in-house testing at our McCoy Peak Laundry Facility)

Hilden Sheets

• International Standards Organization (ISO) 14001 Certified

What You Can Do & Educational Resources

Reduce, reuse, recycle | Carpool to work | Turn off lights, computers, and other equipment when leaving your home or work | Use what you need, donate what you don’t | Make use of reusable shopping bags | Support environmental organizations | Invest in and buy from green companies | Make suggestions to the Beaver Creek Mountain Lodging Eco Care team on ways to improve from your perspective!

Learn more!

Client Education Regarding Sustainability

Sustainability Travel International | Principles of Sustainability | Walking Mountains Science Center | Colorado Division of Environmental Health & Sustainability

Do No Harm Sustainable Travel

White River National Forest Leave No Trace Program | National Outdoor Leadership School
Eagle County Sustainability

Economic Development

Energy Smart Colorado | Holy Cross Electric | Vail Farmers’ Market | Colorado Proud | Colorado Local First | Door to Door Organics

Partners and Charitable Beneficiaries


Eagle County Gives | Habitat for Humanity | Highway Cleanup | Adopt a Family | Salvation Army Food Drives | Beaver Creek Rodeo | Betty Ford Alpine Gardens | Vail Rotary | Vail Valley Foundation


Beaver Creek Mountain Lodging Health and Wellness Program | SOS Outreach | Vail Valley Literacy Project | Children’s Garden of Learning | Wild West Days benefiting Eagle County Elementary Schools | Battle Mountain High School Project Graduation | Children’s Global Alliance | Berry Creek Middle School | Red Sandstone Elementary School | Stone Creek Charter School | St Clare of Assisi and Vail Christian School | Jazz Goes to School | Ski & Snowboard Club Vail | Education Foundation of Eagle County (EFEC)

Health & Fitness

Beaver Creek Snowshoe Series | Xterra Beaver Creek – Mountain Championship | Fresh Approach – Eagle County Schools | Susan G. Komen Colorado | Valley Rally to Defeat ALS | Homecare & Hospice of the Valley | Battle Mountain High School Superboosters | Vail Recreational District Short Track Mountain Bike Series | Vail Recreation District / Town of Vail Mountain Bike Race Series


Round Up River Ranch | Vail Valley Charitable Fund | Blood Drives | Women’s Foundation of Colorado | Breast Cancer Awareness Group | Bright Future Foundation | Children’s Hospital of Colorado


Vail Valley Partnership – Destination Preservation | Colorado Environmental Leadership Program – Designated Gold Leader via Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment | Eagle River Watershed Council | 2015 Actively Green / Sustainable Travel International Certification | 2015 Trip Advisor Green Leader Awards | Eagle Valley Sole Power

Animal Related, Fine Arts, and Global Organizations

Eagle Valley Humane Society | Vail International Dance Festival | Vail Jazz Foundation | Vilar Performing Arts Center | American Cancer Society | American Red Cross