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All you have to do is go to to register.  Type in the number under your picture and fill out your information!  If you hadn’t registered before, don’t worry, all of your previous stats have been connected to your profile.  Also, if you lose your pass, your new pass will automatically be connected to your account!

Track Vertical Feet

Track your lifetime, season, or daily vertical feet. Each day will list the chairlifts and the order you rode them. Did EpicMix miss a lift? Easily edit and add.

Take Photos

Look for photographers in green uniforms at the top of major chairlifts.  They’ll scan your pass and take photos.  That evening share your photos on social media or email complimentary.  You can purchase a photo package for unlimited high-resolution downloads.

Ski School

After a lesson, your ski instructor will rate you on your level and skills that you accomplished. Certain lesson certifications earn you EpicMix virtual pins.

Pins & Challenges

Pins are attached to holidays, certain chairlifts, vertical feet for the day or season, and races on EpicMix Racing.  Challenges are a great way to make skiing more interesting during the day.  Try challenges like “Epic Conqueror,” by skiing all of the chairlifts on a mountain in one day, or the “Everest Challenge” by skiing 29,035 vertical feet in one day.

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