Conquer the Rivers of Colorado

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Conquer the Rivers of Colorado2016-09-06T20:28:31-06:00

Conquer the Rivers of Colorado

As the snows of winter melt off the surrounding mountains, the rivers below fill with one of the most popular activities offered in the Colorado high country, whitewater rafting!  Beginning in late April, local outfitters run the Eagle, Colorado and Arkansas rivers, offering thrill seekers a chance to splash through rippling rivers and big rapids.

For families looking for an easy, fun, splashy float, the Upper section of the Colorado River is the perfect tour.  Kids as young as  four years old can enjoy this Class II rapids trip.  Duckies Inflatable Kayak tours  are also available on this stretch of river for families with kids six and older seeking a different kind of experience.

If a little more adventure is what you want, a trip on the Class III Shoshone Rapids of the Colorado River may be just the thing.  This tour takes you through the beautiful Glenwood Canyon, a spectacular sight that adds to the thrill of the whitewater.

Another Class III rapids trip floats through Brown’s Canyon on the Arkansas River, a beautiful section of the river.  This tour is typically only available from June through early August, depending on the water levels.

For experienced rafters, the real adrenaline pumpers are the Class IV rapids on Gore Creek and the Upper Eagle River or on the Arkansas River.  These tours are very dependent on water levels and may only be available for limited periods of time.

Contact your concierge for more information and to make reservations.